Curbside Pickup and Deliveries

Delivery is available for deli orders, cakes and even groceries. For a $5.00 fee, we will gather your groceries and deliver them to your door. Call 812-829-2231 for details.

Our delivery zone is restricted to the Spencer area and extends from the White River to the south, Boston Scientific to the North, McCormick’s Creek State Park to the East and the Owen County YMCA to the West.

For Grocery orders,

1. Have your grocery list ready. Specify sizes or specific brands if necessary.

If not specified, we will choose the cheapest brand that we currently have in stock.

2. Call 812-829-2231 and ask to make a grocery order for either pick-up or delivery. We will need your name, address and telephone number.


Order Online Here

3. Tell the employee your list, if paying over the phone, have your credit/debit/EBT card number and expiration date ready. We can also accept a check or cash on delivery or pick up.

4. We will pick your order from the shelves. Stay close to the phone as we will call if we are out of something and have no direct substitutions.

5. If paying by phone, we will run your credit card payment through and the order will be ready to pick up or deliver.

6. If being picked up, we will call you once it is ready to pick up. We will keep cold items cold and hot items hot until your arrival. If paying cash or check on delivery we will call with the total before we leave so that you can have it ready when we arrive.

Carry Out

Since 1928 we have been happy to offer a carry-out service for any and all customers. If you need some help loading your groceries into your car just ask one of our cashiers or baggers. They will be happy to help.



Babbs is proud to have been with the Hoosier Lottery since its beginning in 1989. We offer lottery and lotto play at our Courtesy Counter as well as a lottery machine to buy scratch tickets. Must be 18 or older to play.

We accept Debit cards for lottery purchases.


Money Orders

We sell Moneygram Money orders at this location up to $500 for $1.50 fee. We can only cash money orders sold at this locaton.

Rug Doctor Rentals

Rent a Rug Doctor carpet Cleaner at the courtesy office for $49.99 per night.

Rug Doctor soap also available.

Babbs Office Services

Fax – We are able to send faxes for $1.00 per page

Copies – We can make black and white copies of documents for $.20 per page

Stamps – Stamps are available one at a time or in a book

Check Cashing – Checks can be cashed from approved local businesses for a small fee.

Coin Counting – For a flat fee, we can count a jar of clean change and exchange it for bills.

$50 or less:$2.00, $50-$100: $3.00, each additional $50 +$3.00.

Additional Services

We sell DNR approved firewood that can be legally transported in Indiana, including McCormicks Creek State Park $4.49 per bundle.

Bring in any empty 20 pound Propane Tank and exchange it for a full Blue Rhino 20 pound Propane Tank. $15.99

Full tank without exchange $49.99

A 24 hour ATM from Owen County State Bank and the STAR network is available indoors, on-premises.

A Redbox movie rental machine is located indoors on-premises.

UPS Drop Box for Packages and a standard size US Mailbox

Got a birthday coming up? Babbs carries Gift Cards from several local and national retailers as well as greeting cards and novelty balloons.

Rent our roadside sign for the day to celebrate a special occasion. $5 per day per side, first come first served.