News April 2020

Hi everyone we just wanted to give everyone some updates relating to current COVID-19 protocols and some new additions and changes to our curbside pickup and delivery program.

De-Prioritized Items

Firstly, we have gotten an update from our warehouses that they have received from their manufacturers. About once a week we get a list of what are called de-prioritized items. These are products that manufacturers will be temporarily halting production on due to increased demand for staple products and decreased capacity for production due to social distancing precautions. The most updated list of these de-prioritized items will be posted as we get them. We will not be able to get these items for the time being as the manufacturers will not be producing them.

New Curbside Pickup Parking Area

Next, out curb-side pickup has gotten 3 designated spots on the laundromat-adjacent side of our parking lot. They are marked 1, 2, and 3 with signs. If you are coming to pick up an order with our curbside service, simply pull into one of our spots, call into the store and tell them the number of the spot that you are in. We hope this will streamline the order-pickup process. If you are just coming into the store to shop, please leave these 3 spots open for people coming to get pickup orders. Our pickup service is able to accept Credit/Debit Cards, Checks, EBT Cards, WIC, and cash. You can learn more about our Pickup and Delivery Services here.

Senior/Disabled Shopping Hours

We have implemented senior citizen/disabled persons hours for our store daily from 6am to 7am. We ask that this time be reserved for senior citizens or people with disabilities.

Guidelines and Health Protocols

We would also ask that lotto/lottery purchases be limited to one transaction per customer per visit. Repeated visits to the courtesy office to play the lottery are a strain on our courtesy office staff due to the increased workload that comes along with our COVID-19 protocols and remaining in the store for long periods for non-essential purposes is not recommended by any health department.

We are also limiting the number of people in our store to a maximum of 50. We ask that each customer try to stick to the one person, one cart, rule. It is also recommended by the CDC that when out in public, people use face coverings to cover their nose and mouth. We strongly encourage shoppers in our store to adhere to this regulation and to maintain a distance of 6 feet from any other shoppers. Our checkout lanes and aisles have tape on the ground that measure 6 feet from each other to help with this requirement.

Supply and Stock Information

We receive grocery trucks on Tuesday morning, Thursday morning, Friday Night and Sunday night. When we get a truck in, it may take several hours for us to unload it. We will however try to find the most in-demand items and get them onto the shelf as soon as possible.

Items that we have been having trouble getting or have been getting limited supplies of include: Toilet Paper, Paper Towel, Yeast, Lysol, Hand Sanitizer, Tonic Water, Baking Flour, Certain Varieties of soup, Ramen Noodles. We will most likely continue to have purchase limits on these items as they come in so that everyone gets a chance to get some. You may see some unfamiliar brands here as well, as we are looking high and low for alternatives to items that we normally stock but haven’t been able to reliably order lately.

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Thank you for your continued support of Babbs Supermarket as we work to continue our services during this health crisis.