News May 2020

Hello all. We would like to give a few updates regarding the COVID 19 situation and what out internal policies are.

  1. We are continuing to limit the total amount of people in the store and keep social distancing guidelines enforced. Please stick to one person per cart whenever possible.
  2. We strongly encourage the use of a face covering when shopping in our store for your own protection as well as the protection of the other customers and our employees.
  3. We continue to provide curbside pickup and delivery to the Spencer area.
  4. We now also have Online Ordering available.
  5. Starting Thursday May 7, we will resume 24 hour operations.
  6. Please remember that just because restrictions are being slowly lifted, does not mean that the virus has magically disappeared. Please continue to do everything possible to prevent the spread of disease.

Thank you for shopping at Babbs Supermarket.